Saturday, May 7, 2011

NSD - Challenge #12

Challenge #12--Make a Scrapbook Page, Card, or other with a Kid's theme!  
I am now officially in a creative coma. My husband found me pouting in front of my closet because I couldn't think of anything with a kid theme.. ha ha.  But then I remembered this paper I bought at my local craft store that basically had all the work done for me.  I pulled out two pictures of my nephew from his first communion, added a big flower and a button, did some journaling and added a metal cross accent and three gold brads.  Fastest page EVER!
There is no manufacturer listed on the paper, so I don't know who makes it. Even the brown ribbon accent is part of the paper. The rest was from my various accent stashes. I know I need to get better and keeping track of the manufacturers. The problem is, unless I bought it within the last six months, it's been removed from the packaging for organization/storage purposes.
I hope you all had fun today!  Don't forget you can still do the challenges if you'd like - and make sure to join Robyn at at 10:00 CST for her live webcast.
Kim G.

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  1. First, great did it and love super fast. I was surprised myself at how I could just jump into some challenges and get them done (usually very slow). Second, I have to laugh at the 'coma' and 'pouting' comments...sounds familiar. ;) Have a great day!

    Rhonda :)